New Website!

Hey!! So exciting news! I am no longer gonna be posting any of my images on this blog because I now have an official website. It is You should check it out! So this blog is now going to turn into my personal blog telling about life and keeping people updated on things that happen, new adventures, dates, food I experiment, etc. I do not know how often I will post something but we will see what happens. I love all of you that follow this blog. I will probably post when I do have new images but not put the actual images on here. Sorry for the inconvience but the website is so much cooler!

Ok so has happened so far. Well I am graduated! I am a college graduate! Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography! I am way excited to be done! But now the question is.. now what do I do? Well, I am working at The Old Spagetti Factory right now and we will see what the future brings. I miss Cache Valley already and I want to go back, but I guess life has to go on. Well that is all that I can think of to write right now.